Our response to COVID-19

Message from our Board

The emergence of the Covid-19 virus has set new rules for travelling, as the ever changing government regulations have made planning the near future nearly impossible. That permanent uncertainty about the ability to travel freely tomorrow has led us to adjust our booking conditions, to give you peace of mind in case of new restrictions.

You will discover below our adjusted booking conditions and refund policies, to provide you stress free options when you decide to prepare for your trip to Peru.

Your wellbeing and safety are our number one priority, and for that reason our team is undertaking extra safety and health measures so you can book with confidence your future trip with us.

We look forward to welcoming you soon to Peru. In the meantime, stay safe!


The board members of Peru Exclusive

Our safety measures

Safety measures for your luxury tour to Peru

Personal protective equipment

Everyone in our team has his personal protection equipment (PPE), such as mask, gloves, thermometer and hand sanitizer. We encourage you to bring your own PPE, however your private guide will also have a supply of PPE on hand where required.

Trained staff for unforeseen circumstances

We provide 24/7 support. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances during your private trip in Peru, your dedicated guide, as well as our staff will provide you an immediate assistance, if necessary, arranging for doctor’s visit or an emergency medical evacuation.

Only service providers respecting safety measures

Taking into account all pandemic risks, we strive to be sure about the compliance of government hygiene standards for all approved hotels, trains, boats, restaurants and meal services. Your dedicated guide pay a special attention to all these criteria throughout your private trip in Peru, keeping you as safe and healthy as possible.

Following guidelines of official sources

Each member of our team strictly respects the official guidelines and protocols in force established by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). It concerns especially the wearing of masks, guidance on hand hygiene and social distancing recommendations.

Social distancing

All our guides respect social distancing measures. Even if you will make a completely private tour with your dedicated guide, however for more security, we have implemented a special isolation in each of our cars, which is made of a transparent plastic separation between the guide and his guests. This provides sanitary safety while allowing normal communication with your guide during your trip. For your outdoor visits your guide will be very careful as well and will always choose the areas that are less crowded.

Hygiene and cleaning

We provide hand sanitizer in every car. Thus, you can clean your hands after each sightseeing during your private trip in Peru. In addition, each of our cars is fully sanitized before a new travelers board it.

Private travel to Peru

Flexible travel conditions

Due to Covid-19, we have set up a very flexible terms and conditions, so you can book your travel experience with confidence. We perfectly realize that today it's very hard to plan a trip in this constantly changing reality. For that reason, we are glad to offer you our special booking and cancellation policy. And today you can plan your future trip with peace of mind knowing that you won't loose anything.

Free rescheduling

Should you cancel your booking due to COVID-19 one moth before the planned date, we will offer you a free rescheduling at no cost, provision given that availability allows the trip on the new dates.   

Full refund

All our bookings are refundable. Should you cancel your trip due to COVID-19 only 5 weeks before the scheduled date, no cancellation fee will be applied. In case you cancel your booking less than 5 weeks, Peru Exclusive will do its best to refund you any amount not yet engaged.

How to book

To make a booking with Peru Exclusive you will be required to pay only 30% of deposit. The rest amount will be required 5 weeks before your trip.

In-tour cancellation

Should you cancel your trip due to Covid-19 during the tour, Peru Exclusive will assist you to organize quickly the return to your country and will do also its best to refund you any amount not yet engaged.

Flexible travel conditions
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