How we work with you

Getting in touch with us

Your first request

Within 12 hours following your Peru travel request (via email or using our tour builder), one of our travel designer will contact you. We will either email you back or call you on the phone, according to your preference. To be able to make your travel proposal to Peru as customized as possible, it is essential to us that we understand your expectations, your travel style and the little details that can make the difference. This will be the basis for us to tailor a truly exclusive experience of Peru.

Dedicated travel designer

We will allocate one of our passionate travel designer to your request. This travel designer will be your single point of contact during the entire process. Shall you book your tour to Peru with us, the same travel designer will prepare all travel arrangements and follow up with you during your trip.

Your luxury trip request

Designing your customized tour

Personalized luxury tour planning

Personalized tailor-made tour planning

Based on the inputs we gathered from you, we will prepare a detailed offer for your luxury tour of Peru. This includes the experiences you will live, the detailed itinerary you will perform, the sites you will explore and the list of exclusive properties you will stay at. This tour offer can then be redesigned as often as you wish, either by phone or by email.

Booking and confirmation

Once you give us your final confirmation, we start immediately the pre-bookings according to your itinerary until we receive the deposit from your side to make the final confirmations. Once everything is finalized, we send you immediately your booking confirmation with all details about your private. In case at the moment of booking there is no availability in a hotel or a train, we will make you promptly an alternative offer but only in accordance with you.

Experiencing your exclusive tour of Peru

Your arrival to Peru

Once you arrive to Peru, you will be welcomed by your dedicated private guide at the airport who will become your tour leader and best friend throughout your private trip in Peru. He will take you by private car to your hotel and will brief you about your tour and will be glad to answer to all your questions

In-tour follow-up and departure

Your dedicated guide will certainly ensure your safety during your trip and will take care of you in order everything goes smoothly and according to your wishes. However, your dedicated travel designer will be there as well to assist you further during your luxury tour in Peru. We will call you regularly to be sure everything is going well as planned. In case of any unforeseen circumstances during the tour, we will make immediately the correspondent adjustments. Our services will be finished only when we are sure you have took already your homebound flight and when we receive an email from your side confirming that your are back at home safely.

Your luxury private tour to Peru
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