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Luxury private tours to Peru

Personalized tour planning

Peru Exclusive believes that each traveler is unique with his points of interest, travel rhythm, accommodation preferences and each one has its one-of-a-kind mode of travel. Thus, when you make a travel request to Peru Exclusive, you have the possibility to create a completely personalized private trip in Peru. We always offer customized tours which ensure a complete flexibility to our travelers. You are free to choose your travel destinations, activities, accommodation type and we are here to offer your dream trip. One of our travel agents starts the personalized tour planning with you upon your request and the same agent take care of you before and during your stay in Peru.  

Private tours only

Traveling with Peru Exclusive is the guarantee of your private trip in Peru without being mixed up with other travelers. Your dedicated guide will take care of you throughout your luxury private trip in Peru. During the entire trip, he will ensure your safety as well. With your private guide, you will have the opportunity to make a luxury travel in Peru according to your preferences at your own rhythm. Any visit or activity will never be forced to do and your dedicated guide will be always at your disposal to follow your wishes. You will have a complete freedom and your guide will always help you with his recommendations.      

Customized luxury tour to Peru

We design luxury tours

Luxury hotels in Peru

First-rate service

Not always a luxury hotel provides high quality services to its visitors. Our goal is to choose exquisite properties where the staff knows perfectly how to deal with the customers and ensure an unforgettable and peaceful stay in their hotel.

Luxury transfers

One of the most important criteria for a safe trip are the transportation means. Traveling with Peru Exclusive, you will have the opportunity to make a private trip only in high-end cars, such as the Luxury Haval H6. You will experience unique moments on board of the luxury Hiram Bingham train and the incredible Andean Explorer Train in a suite cabin with a private bathroom. You will make also some luxury boat trips on board of the Delfin Amazon Cruises, specially designed for the most demanding clients.

Exquisite properties

Selecting a hotel for our travelers, we put our focus on exquisite properties with a special touch that makes them unique. Spend an overnight in a room of a former colonial house of 18th century or in a luxury room with walls made of Inca Stones is a unique experience that our clients appreciate a lot. We always do our best to strengthen the authentic aspect of our private luxury tours in Peru and better meet the expectations of our travelers.   

Location matters

One of the main criteria of our hotel selection is their location. We always try to offer to our travelers exquisite properties with an excellent location, such as a luxury hotel located in the heart of historical city center or a luxurious cottage-style villa integrated in the beautiful surroundings of a canyon.

We offer first-class service

Dedicated guide services

In-tour follow-up

The personalized follow-up is one of the most important criteria not only during the planning of your tailor-made trip with Peru Exclusive but especially upon your arrival to Peru. The same travel agent of our team who creates your customized itinerary will ensure the continuous follow-up throughout your luxury trip in Peru. We regularly call to our travelers to be sure everything is going well, as planned. It help us to reveal all kind of issues and to find immediately the best solutions. We believe that your private trip in Peru can be considered as successful only in case if would like to recommend us as your local travel agency in Peru.

Dedicated english speaking guide

Peru Exclusive believes that traveling with a dedicated guide is not only the best way to discover the marvels of the land of the Incas, but it's an excellent opportunity to get a real tour friend, a Peruvian English speaking knowledgeable guide, who will help you to reveal the most fascinating secrets of the Inca civilization, who will take you of the beaten path crossing the most unusual landscapes. Traveling with a dedicated guide is a real advantage, as in that way he will get to know his travelers and he will best meet their needs and expectations.

Maximum flexibility

We offer maximum flexibility to our travelers during their luxury travel in Peru (so far as possible). In the event of any unforeseen circumstances during your luxury tour in Peru, we commit ourselves to offer you quickly several solutions, and to take the best decision in accordance with you.

We are Peru experts

Local experts of Peru

Local expertise

Our local agency is based in Lima. Unlike other travel agencies, we offer to our travelers unique experiences only in Peru. All our efforts are concentrated on prividing high quality services only in the land of the Incas. With the help of our local expertise your private luxury tour in Peru will be a real pleasure as we will offer you an authentic experience by showing you not only the essentials of Peru, but also by taking you off the beaten path to discover the hidden gems of the land of the Incas.  

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