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Discover the passionate travel designers and guides of our local agency in Peru. The dedicated team of Peru Exclusive is ready to create for you a luxury trip of a lifetime and to provide you with an unforgettable private tour in Peru. Keeping up the customer needs and organizing a safe tour for them is our priority. 

Dedicated guide for your luxury tour


Dedicated guide

Martin is one of our dedicated guides. He has an extensive knowledge of luxury travel to Peru. One of his main goals is assisting to create memories that will last a lifetime. He particularly pay attention to your security. Unlocking the secrets of the Inca Empire, taking you to the most unusual sites of Peru and offering an exclusive experience in the land of the Incas is his specialty. The destinations where he prefers mostly to take his travelers are the archeological sites of the capital of the Incas, Cusco, and the Sacred Valley of the Incas with its typical villages.

Dedicated travel concierge for your luxury travel


Travel designer

Michael is a passionate travel designer. His expertise lies in preparing your luxury trip to Peru carefully, emphasizing the smallest details. He always does his best to create for you a 100% unique and personalized tour offer in Peru which could be off the beaten track, far from mass tourism. Another point, non negligible for an exclusive luxury trip to Peru, is to find out for you the most stylish luxury properties offering first-rate services. The mystical geoglyphs of the famous Nazca lines and the unique wildlife of the Amazon Rainforest are among his most preferred destinations.

Dedicated travel concierge for your private tour


Travel designer

Liana’s expertise lies in the Altiplano of Peru and the amazing Peruvian Amazon. Her favorite destinations are the famous Cusco, with its charming narrow streets that she appreciates a lot for its typical atmosphere. A perfect place that combines the elements of colonial Peru and the remains of the Inca Empire. The Peruvian Amazon is a completely other reality for her with its amazing wildlife. She will be glad to prepare for you your dream trip according to your preferences. She will offer you a completely personalized private tour in Peru and will be your private travel concierge throughout your luxury tour in the land of the Incas. 

Dedicated guide for your luxury experience


Designer of Peruvian memories

Pedro is ready to share with you his love of Peru, reveal the hidden treasures of the Incas and make you discover the local lifestyle. His travel knowledge goes far beyond his 7 years in the travel industry. Pedro's expertise in luxury travel extends to the Altiplano of Peru and to the Northern provinces. The ancient civilizations are his main passion. Pedro's favorite destinations are Trujillo with its pre-Columbian archeological treasures and the natural beauties of Chachapoyas.

Dedicated guide for your luxury tour to Peru


Creator of Peruvian memories

Carlos is one of our dedicated guides. He will make you discover the authentic Peru, take you through its unique landscapes and offer you an unforgettable experience in the land of the Incas. His expertise lies in luxury travel to the Altiplano of Peru. He has a passion for the mystical Lake Titicaca and the inhabitants of his picturesque islands. He has a passion as well for the Canyon del Colca with its majestic condors and landscapes.

Dedicated guide for your personalized tour to Peru


Creator of Peruvian memories

Oscar, another dedicated guide at Peru Exclusive, will ensure your interaction with the locals during your private luxury trip to Peru, he will always follow your wishes and help you choose the typical restaurants. Oscar has a passion for Arequipa and its colonial heritage. His biggest achievement in the company is to have meet the expectations of all his private groups who left only positive reviews about their luxury tours to Peru.   

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