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Our mission for your luxury tour

Peru Exclusive is specialized in hand-crafted luxury travel packages to Peru. Our travel experts and trusted in-country travel partners create exceptional travel experiences. We are inviting our travelers not only to visit the attractions of each destination, but to immerse themselves in deep and meaningful unique travel experiences. We bring value to our clients by offering an exclusive service throughout their private luxury trip to Peru. At Peru Exclusive the transparency is key. We are always transparent as for the provided services and quotations.

Private and authentic trips

Peru Exclusive creates only personalized luxury travel experiences reaching far beyond private tours. All our luxury accommodations meet our high standards of quality. Your dedicated travel agent, as well as you dedicated guide are available for you throughout your trip to Peru. In case of any unforeseen event we will find the quickest and easiest solution for you. At Peru Exclusive everything is unique and authentic: activities, accommodations and visits. We only suggest what we have personally tested and appreciated.

Luxury authentic trip to Peru

One-of-a-kind customized tours

Customized luxury tour to Peru

Creating unique customized and private travel experiences is our vocation. It helps us to offer far more freedom and flexibility to our travelers. Your are always the one who decides what he wishes to see and do at each destination. Our travel experts follow your preferences and create the appropriate itinerary to match your travel expectations. We also provide personalized travel advice to help you to take the best decisions for your private trip to Peru. Our team do its best to help you avoid the busiest hours of the day at each destination, and thus avoid the crowds. 

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