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Story of Peru Exclusive

Peru Exclusive was created in 2014.

We are a local travel agency organizing exclusively tailor-made private luxury tours. We operate only in Peru and the personalized approach to each traveler is our main priority.

For all our tours we offer only high end car services, luxury accommodation with high quality services and excellent location, and a private dedicated English speaking guide throughout your trip.

We offer our services to discover the Altiplano of Peru, including the famous Machu Picchu, the city of Cusco, the ancient capital of the Incas, the famous Nasca lines and also the northern parts of Peru, including the Amazon Rainforest. 

Why Peru Exclusive?

We created Peru Exclusive with the aim to offer the most unique and high end trips to Peru. Our goal is simply to offer the most memorable and luxurious experience of the land of the Incas. Therefor we thought of every single detail that would make your travel to Peru the most exclusive possible. We allocate one of Peru's best guide for your entire trip, accommodate you in the most exquisite properties of the country, take you off the crowded touristic areas, provide 24/7 concierge services and continuously seek the new hidden luxury experiences.

Luxury travel experience to Peru

Our staff

We will design your exclusive tour in Peru

Our team is passionate about creating really unique and luxury experiences for guests from around the globe, visiting the land of the Incas. 

Our guides use all their knowledge to offer to our travelers a memorable travel experience. And of course, they pay particular attention to the safety of our guests in the chaotic traffic of Peru.

We are at your disposal by email or by phone to design your luxury tour in Peru, according to your wishes. We will give you all necessary recommandations to better prepare your luxury stay in Peru. Discover Peru far from mass tourism: the real Peru, as very few travelers actually experience it.

Vision statement

We believe that exclusive travel relies on three pillars:
First, we make sure your tour is as private as possible. Although sites cannot be privatized, we thrive to organise most of your time away from the crowds and arrange site visits where and when they are the least visitors.
Secondly, we select the most exquisite properties of Peru, to make sure every place you stay is an experience in itself.
Finally, we continuously seek the hidden gem experiences that can be offered in Peru, in order to make your trip truly unique.

Exclusive luxury tour to Peru
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